Advanced Sales Skills 


Price: £299 +VAT per delegate

Course Overview

The Advanced Sales Skills course is designed to help Salespeople understand and influence experienced buyers and complex buying cycles. Our training will drive delegates to effectively sell to larger clients, handle more difficult negotiation situations and influence more potential buyers, this results in building trust and developing long-term relationships.

Who is it for?

  • Internal Salespeople
  • Account Managers
  • External Salespeople
  • Sales Managers

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, delegates will take away Advanced Sales Skills and techniques that they can immediately implement including; Advanced Questioning, Dealing with Multiple Decision Makers, Creating Deal Momentum and much more.

They will leave equipped with the necessary skills to confidently and competently enter into Advanced sales interactions and be more motivated to exceed their sales targets!

The Content of the Course

  • Brief Re-Cap of the Core Fundamentals
  • Positioning of Personal Brand & Raising Credibility
  • Advanced Questioning, Identifying Pain Points & Discovering True Needs
  • Selling to your Client’s Needs & Influencing the Sale
  • The importance of knowing your competitors and understanding their USP’s
  • Controlling the Sales Cycle & Creating Deal Momentum
  • Advanced Handling of Sales Resistance & Objections (How to, when to and when not to handle)
  • Dealing with Multiple Decision Makers
  • Understanding Buying Styles & Different Personalities
  • Advanced Pre-Closing, Closing & Gaining Commitment
  • The Importance of Mapping Prospective & Existing Clients
  • Expanding the Sales Opportunity & Gaining Referrals

Your Trainer

Your course will be delivered by an Approved Sales Trainer, all of whom have many years of Sales, Leadership and Training experience.

The Hamilton Moss Sales System has been carefully developed over a combined period of over 40 years and is based on the real-life experiences of two serial entrepreneurs who have an impressive background in Selling, Training, Sales Leadership and Business Ownership.


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