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Fundamentals Of Sales


Training Date: Wednesday 27th November
Location: London City Centre
Duration: 1 day (9am – 5pm)

Course Overview

The Fundamentals of Sales course is designed to help Salespeople find and win more ideal clients. Our training will provide the structure and skills to help them receive more positive responses from e-mails and phone calls, as well as increase conversion rates from contact to sale.

Using our unique training methodology, we will help delegates overcome typical sales objections including the ‘price’ objection and provide the up to date skills and knowledge to ensure Salespeople hit their targets.

The Content of the Course

Core Sales Fundamentals and Applying Modern Methods
The Mindset of Great Salespeople, Personal Motivation & Goal Setting
Understanding the Sales Structure
Effective Questioning & Identifying Opportunities
Selling to your Clients Needs
Handling Sales Resistance & Objections
Active Listening Techniques
Dealing with different buyer personalities
Closing & Gaining Commitment
Expanding the Sales Opportunity & Gaining Referrals

I’ve attended a few sales training courses, and I have to say Hamilton Moss is up there with the best of them. If you want to brush up your sales team’s skills or boost your own skills, you need to book on to a Hamilton Moss sales training course now. I would 100% highly recommend!

David, Events Firm

Really good course! The trainer was very inspiring too which I didn’t expect on a Sales course. Thanks again!

Jennifer, Software Company

Very informative course, jargon free and I’ve picked up some useful tips which I can use in my job!

Robert, Specialist Recruitment Firm

Excellent course plenty of lightbulb moments. The course was thoroughly engaging and held my attention throughout the day!

Patricia, Business Management Firm