Sales Negotiation Course: Manchester & London

(1 Day Course)

Course Overview

The Sales Negotiation course is designed to help Salespeople take control of negotiation situations. Our training will help delegates understand and overcome challenging negotiation situations. With our training methodology, we’re able to equip Salespeople with strategies and techniques enabling them to negotiate better deals, build a long-term relationship and improve the margin.

Who is it for?

  • People new to sales
  • Experienced Salespeople who need to negotiate with Clients better
  • Team members involved in the buying or selling process
  • Sales Leaders who need to negotiate bigger deals or support the sales team
  • Business Leaders

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, Delegates will take away a strong understanding of Sales Negotiating with techniques including; Understanding Buyer Personalities/Tactics, Negotiation Options, Selling on value not price and much more.

They will leave equipped with the necessary skills to confidently and competently enter into sales interactions and be more motivated & equipped to negotiate higher margins!

The content of the course

  • Brief Re-Cap of the Core Fundamentals
  • Understanding When to Sell and When to Negotiate
  • The Mindset of Great Negotiators
  • Understanding Buyer Personalities & Combating Buyer Tactics
  • Selling Value Vs Price
  • Building Intelligence and Understanding Options
  • Preparing to Negotiate
  • Excel in the Art of Negotiation
  • Controlling & Leading the Negotiation
  • Gaining Agreement and Next Actions
  • Expanding the Sales Opportunity & Gaining Referrals

Your Trainer

Your course will be delivered by an Approved Sales Trainer, all of whom have many years of Sales, Leadership and Training experience.

The Hamilton Moss Sales System has been carefully developed over a combined period of over 40 years and is based on the real-life experiences of two serial entrepreneurs who have an impressive background in Selling, Training, Sales Leadership and Business Ownership.

Manchester & London Training Venues

Luxury City Centre Hotels

£299.00 +VAT

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