5 things you need to cover in order to build an effective Sales team…


As a Sales Leader, you have a responsibility to ensure your processes are in place, your Salespeople are delivering good results as well as, providing them with the right training and tools to enable them to become more successful.

We all know it would be difficult without having the right processes and training in place for your team. For example, everything you taught to your first hires will most likely not get passed on correctly. This will start the downward spiral and a potential chance of higher staff turnover.

Here are the top 5 things you need to think about and make sure you cover, in order to build an unstoppable Sales Team…

Establish your value proposition

This may sound silly and simple however, it’s quite surprising how some companies cannot clearly explain why customers should choose them over their competition. If your Salespeople can’t do this, then all hope is lost. You need to be clear (especially with new hires) on your company values and why you are the best.

Have a clear Sales Process

You should already have this in place however, you need to re-look at the process and determine whether it is working as well as it should be. Does every member of your team follow the sales process or is there parts being missed out that could be stopping the potential of more sales?

Increase Sales

What are you and your Salespeople doing to try and increase the sales funnel? Is everyone trying new ways to find new leads or are they sticking to the same resources? There are many other ways to generate leads, what can you do or implement to help increase lead conversions etc?

Hire the right people

Are you finding that there is a high staff turnover within your Sales team? What could be the problem? Is it the culture or training? If you need help recruiting the right Salespeople for your business, I would recommend you check out Get Recruited’s Graduate/Trainee Recruitment & Sales Training Package.

Provide effective training

Do you have a sales training process/plan in place for your Salespeople? Who delivers the training? How often do you have these training sessions? Although having regular internal training is useful, we believe external training can open more avenues for your Salespeople. For example, our Sales Training courses are conducted by Approved Trainers whom can provide a fresh perspective on modern selling techniques.   

Do you want to see better results from your Salespeople?

At Hamilton Moss, we specialise in delivering Sales Training that makes a real difference. We believe in providing Salespeople effective and refreshing sales training that will boost their confidence and sales figures! 

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