Sales Tips – Focus Your Prospecting

The quality of your prospecting will be one of the biggest factors in how successful you are (or not) in 2018. As the individual salesperson is asked to do more and more, it’s VITAL that the time you spend prospecting is time well-spent.

That means you knowing who is a good prospect for you. Most people THINK that they know. But most times they don’t. They’ll say things like ‘anyone who needs printing’, or ‘anyone who wants a new mobile phone’, or even worse – ‘any small business’. That’s a BIG sign that they haven’t really got a clue!

There will be certain specific criteria that make certain prospects more ideal for you than others. If you don’t know what they are, you need to find them out – and fast! If you’re really not sure, take a look at your existing client base.

  • What was it that made them purchase at the moment they did?
  • What was it that made them buy from you and your company, rather than going to someone else – like your biggest competitor?
  • Then look for ‘commonalities’ or ‘patterns’ in why (and when) they bought.
  • That will start to give you some ideas on what you need to look for in other prospects too!

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