What makes a good salesperson? In our latest blog, the expert sales team at Hamilton Moss, discuss the top traits required to make it as a good salesperson.


Being a salesperson is challenging. There is a lot of rejection. Many people simply do not like being bothered. They especially do not like strangers calling them on the phone. Scammers and robocalls have made outbound marketing extremely difficult. People are hesitant to talk to anyone they do not know. As a result, salespeople will come across a lot of unpleasant situations. People will unexpectedly end phone calls. There might be yelling and screaming. Unhappy customers might also threaten companies with lawsuits. Salespeople must not take any of this personally. This kind of behaviour is expected. It comes with the job description. Salespeople must quickly be able to recover from unpleasant situations and focus on more customers.


Great salespeople know everything about their merchandise. They spend hours studying product features and benefits. They know exactly how to answer when a customer has a question. By being prepared, salespeople can act confidently around clients. This confidence draws people in. Customers become convinced that they know what they are talking about. Buyers can then pull out their credit cards without hesitation. They know that they will be getting a great product.

Outgoing Personality

Salespeople continue to work after business hours. They must entertain clients. Salespeople might go to a dinner event after work. They might also play golf on the weekend. They are meeting new people and exchanging business cards wherever they are. These new contacts might not be interested currently, but they might be in the future. They will know how to reach out when that time comes.


First impressions matter in the business world. People make judgment calls within the first few seconds of meeting someone. Therefore, salespeople need to buy clothes that fit. Get everything tailored to make outfits look more appealing. Buying clothes can be expensive. However, it is an investment. It will help salespeople get more clients and surpass sales quotas.

Organisation Skills

Salespeople talk to a lot of people in a day. They can easily get confused without organization skills. Great salespeople use spreadsheets to keep track of everything. They write down clients’ names and phone numbers. They know exactly where individual clients are in the purchasing process. As a result, they can focus on providing custom solutions to each client without wasting time.

Overall, great salespeople are ambitious individuals with active lifestyles.