Sales is about more than just one skill. In order to be successful, you must be able to communicate effectively, deliver a compelling message, and nurture relationships.

Some ways to do this is by getting better at prospecting, improving your communication skills, understanding your buyer’s needs, developing emotional intelligence to build rapport, and personalizing the conversation to avoid sounding scripted.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these fundamental skills.

1. Get Better at Prospecting

As a salesperson, you should be effective in reaching out to your prospects. You want to know how to get in contact with your prospects and convert them into buying customers. Prospecting well will help you focus on the most important part of your job — selling.

2. Improve Your Communication Skills

Many salespeople have found out that they can be more effective in their conversations if they use specific phrases and expressions as a reference point. These phrases might be powerful as a way of opening up a conversation, delivering a clear message about the benefits of a product or service, and effectively closing the sale.

3. Understand Your Buyer

While some people might think that they can focus on other parts of the sales process like closing, all-important connections, or even pitching more effectively without first learning how to read body language and facial expressions – this is not true. If you have been a salesperson for any length of time, you know the importance of understanding your customer. A huge part of this is reading body language and facial expressions to understand a buyer’s true wants, needs, and desires.

4. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Once you understand how your prospect is feeling in the conversation, you will be able to manage your own emotions and stay engaged in the conversation. Just remember not to take things personally. While sales conversations are often emotional, they don’t have to be. If they become too heated, step back and take a deep breath before responding. If your prospect becomes angry or upset with you, stay calm and try to diffuse the situation.

5. Personalize Your Conversation

Personalize your interactions as much as possible, especially if you have a script in front of you and you are on a sales call. Understanding how your customer is feeling during the conversation will help you land more deals and close more sales.


The reason these five skills can transform any sales person’s closing rate is that they fulfill four unconscious buyer’s needs. Here are four things buyers need during a sales conversation:

First, buyers need to feel unsure about what they are going to buy and/or make a purchase decision. Second, buyers need some reassurance about their decision. Third, buyers need to feel sure that their decisions will not be regretted. Finally, buyers need time and support from the seller in order for them to make a purchase decision.