Sales Tips – Become A ‘Valued Resource’

Some of the best salespeople are a ‘valued resource’ for their clients. They’re someone whose opinion their clients respect. They’re someone their clients turn to first to get information about purchasing decisions – either now or in the future. They’re someone that has a high level of credibility and clients trust their opinions and advice.

Not all salespeople get to this position however!

A lot of salespeople complain that their clients ignore their ‘advice’.

That they don’t listen.

That they don’t take their calls or see them when they ‘pop in’.

What bigger signs do you want that clients don’t see you as a valued resource?

In order to be seen as a valued resource, you have to earn it. You have to give value first. You have to get updated on industry trends, technological advancements and understand the impact that these could have on your client’s business. You have to be able to hold a business conversation with the level of decision makers you’re meeting. Invest the time to do things like this, and it will pay you back tenfold!

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